Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 4: RSS Feeds

I learned about RSS feeds at the beginning of last year so I already have a google reader account. Unfortunately, I never got around to checking for the latest updates because it was annoying to find that there was a long list of updates each time I logged into google reader. I have gotten used to going onto the website and checking for new posts. It was much easier that way.

However, I am helping my colleague start a Teen book group next month so I subscribed to new and recommended teen fiction and graphic novel. I need to keep up to date with teen novels so I will try and use google reader more. I also found that you can unsubscribe from some RSS feeds that you don't want to read anymore. If you click on a particular feed on the left hand side, you can read the updates from just that particular website instead of reading everything all at once.

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  1. Hi Casie25
    Well done at having a look at RSS feeds and subscribing to some!! :-) Next up searching and cataloguing :-)