Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 3: Explore Flickr (Part 1)

To be honest, I found Flickr a little bit boring. I don't take photos a lot and hardly share any at all (even on facebook). I did not want to set up my own account so I used the Aclelgar one instead. I typed in "Sakura" which means Cherry Blossom in Japanese and found some lovely photos. This is the one I picked out of all the images. The annoying thing was I couldn't add the photo into my gallery and save it to my favourites in Flickr. In the end, I saved the photo onto my desktop and uploaded it onto the blog. Here's the link:

I understand that flickr could be a useful website if people wanted to search for images online and share their photos. I don't think I would use this website at all.

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  1. Hi Casie25
    Well done at having a look at flickr :-) Next up Mashups!! :-)