Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 2: Social Networking

I am a Facebook user so Bebo and Myspace was just not that interesting to me. First of all, I only found one friend on Bebo. I think all my friends and relatives use facebook. I read somewhere that teenagers use Bebo a lot whereas the 20-30 age range use Facebook. I didn't like Myspace at all. Sure, there were stuff about music but I could find them on google or wikipedia. There were also "sponsored links" (advertisements) that you scroll down and ignore before you could find out the information you wanted.

The one thing I really like about Facebook is the social networking games like Restaurant City, Cafe World, Farmville or Pet Society.

Restaurant City is a cooking game where you design your own restaurant and collect or buy ingredients to cook more dishes. If your friends play these games, you can also visit them and see what they do with their restaurants. You can send them gifts and trade ingredients. You can also find out what ranking you are among them.

Here's the link to Restaurant City


I think facebook might be a good thing to promote events in Auckland City Libraries. They have something called "News feed" where we can write about upcoming events and publish them on our profile. I am not sure about Bebo and Myspace. I think the libraries could use Bebo to promote kids and teen events because I noticed that a lot of kids and teenagers use bebo a lot.

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  1. Hi Casie 25

    Well done at having such a good look at the Social Networking sites restaurant city sounds interesting!! :-)