Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week Two: Genealogy

Creating a family tree was fun!!! First, I registered at my heritage which was quite easy. It was quite easy to follow the instructions to making a family tree. After I created the family tree, I thought I would save the image and paste it onto my blog but it didn't work. I spent a lot of time trying to find where I could embed my image. I gave up and decided to try another website. I registered at geni. At first I thought I was already registered but I didn't know that I had to log in to gmail to activate my registration so that took a bit of figuring out. I created a family tree. I clicked on the "tree" tab and then I clicked on embed my family tree. Geni was much more easier to use than my heritage.

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  1. Hi

    Great to see that your exploring with MyHeritage and Geni. I liked your family tree and glad you had fun doing it. Keep up the good work :-)