Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Week Five: Final Post

Wow! I can't believe I finished the discovery exercises in week 2 already. It was fun... I wish there were more... I particularly enjoyed "go animates", "bookjetty" and "geni". Some exercises like "animoto" and "go animates" took a bit of time to figure out. But after a bit of trial and error, I finally did it!!! "Animoto" took a long time to load which was a little bit annoying. One thing I didn't really like was "Authors on the web" and "Litlovers". Because I couldn't find any one of my favourite authors like "Sue Grafton". "Litlovers" was more for people who wanted to start a bookclub. I loved "bookjetty". It was pretty fun finding books and adding them onto the shelf. I think "bookjetty" would be something useful for customers because they always say that they can't remember whether they have read a book or not. This would help them keep track of what books they have read.

I like to thank the team who created these wonderful discovery exercises (and they are very quick at replying on your blog!). It has been enjoyable completing the exercises and reading the encouraging comments!!

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  1. Hi Casie

    Thanks for completing the Web2.0. We hoped you had fun learning and are able to share what you have learned with customers, staff, family and friends. On behalf of the Web2.0 administrators Congratulations for completing the programme and your name has been added to the prize draw. Good luck and great job done.