Friday, February 6, 2009

Week Five: Social networks (part 1)

I visited two interesting websites. One was "Digg" and the other was "Reddit". On Digg, I registered first and then in the search engine, I typed in the words "library" to see if there were any interesting stories about libaries. I found this interesting article and lots of beautiful photos of old libaries all over the world. I particular liked the Strahov Theological Hall and the Strahov Philosophical Hall. I love the artwork on the ceilings and the wooden books look so grand with ladders attached to it. I think it would be pretty fun to have high bookshelves with ladders in Auckland City Libraries. The second story I find in "Reddit". It's about a library hotel situated in Madison Avenue, New York. There's about 6000 volumes in the hotel and the floors are organized by dewey decimal system. Each room is themed accordingly. For example, there is a philsophy room where you can read up on philsophy books, or political science room and there's even a "erotic literature" room.

Here are the links to the stories:

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  1. Hi

    I really enjoyed looking at the photos you recommended via the links. The Strahov Philosophical Hall was my favourite, totally awesome. There are still 2 more steps to complete before you are in the draw to have a chance to win the prizes :-)