Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 6: On Library 2.0 & Web 2.0

Sounds like I am trying to answer an exam question...

With the current advance in technology, I think our job description has changed significantly. Not only do we have to help people find books in the library, we also have to show people how to find up to date information on the internet. I think Web 2.0 helps us to gain an insight on the latest internet technology such as flickr, youtube, librarything, rollyo, delicious and myspace. With this new knowledge, we can apply this in our day to day customer service. For example, we can show customers how to use flickr in our akozone learning classes or we can tell customers about librarything if they have trouble keeping records of what they have read. Sometimes, customers have asked me to find a book in the library and it's not available. This is when I can use my knowledge of the internet websites and databases to offer customers a source of information so that they don't return empty handed. For me, Library 2.0 means constantly gaining new knowledge about the internet and applying them so that customers get up to date and reliable information.

I cannot imagine what Auckland City Libraries will be like in the future. But I am sure that books will still play an important part in libraries. I tried reading ebooks and it is really hard on the eyes. I still prefer a good old paperback. I also think that in the future, we don't have to help customers with computer problems (like how to use scanners or attach emails) because by that time, everyone will know how to use the computer and the internet competently.

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  1. Hi Casie25
    Its good to hear you are getting so much out of Library 2.0 and Web 2.0 so that you can help customers with all these things that you have learnt about!! I agree I still like to read paperbacks or hardbacks rather than ebooks theres nothing like reading a good book with a cup of coffee and its a lot harder with an ebook and too hard on the eyes :-)